Unfortunately, there is not just one generic way to be a good lover – if only that was the case! Depending on who you are loving, the definition of the ‘best lover’ from one person to the next could be polar opposites! Being the best lover is all about getting to know your partner and what they like, being present with them, and open to communication and feedback.

If you are able to do all of these things successfully in the bedroom, imagine how much easier everyday life will be with your partner. All of these skills will also apply to everyday things.

Miranda Love has created an online course called ‘Pussy Massage 101’. The course teaches you the basics of a pussy massage including, presence, clear communication, boundaries, and feedback. Plus, Miranda will walk you through all of the steps of the pussy massage and demonstrate on a live model.

The course is presented in a tangible, down to earth way with a little light humor thrown in for good measure. Miranda believes that everyone should have this knowledge. To know that there is more out there than the classic bedroom ‘moves’ that we have all been taught. She hopes to take the pressure off people who believe they should already know what to do with a new lover and to open up the paths of communication with couples who may be shy to speak up about certain things.

To take this course, you will need to be open to learning a new skill, being patient with yourself and your partner, want to give a gift with no expectations, always want to improve the feedback loop between you and your partner, and have a desire to genuinely give pleasure to the person you are with, whatever that may look like.


How to be the best lover