Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of successfully pleasing your partner sexually?  It can be a very high-pressure environment for some people.  Pleasuring your partner should definitely not feel like a chore.  There are a few things that you can learn to make the entire process pressure-free for both the giver and the receiver (let’s not forget that often the receiver is feeling pressured to perform as well).  Miranda Love from has created an online course to help you – ‘Pussy Massage 101’.  This course will teach you all the basics of how to give a woman a pussy massage.  This includes different fingering techniques, but more importantly, it includes how to communicate with her about what she likes and how to feel comfortable with someone new.


The main thing to know is that both people need to learn to have no expectations.  If you enter into sexual play with each other and have it be just that, ‘play’, then no one should feel pressured to achieve anything at all!  Sexual play should feel fun, curious, playful, and interesting.  If sexual play is feeling stressful like you are being graded, or like there is a chance you could be ‘unsuccessful’, then dropping all expectations will become a skill that will let you off the hook and make it a pressure-free environment that you can explore in.


Different strokes for different folks.  Most women will not like exactly the same thing.  You can’t expect to learn one thing that works for everyone.  It may work ‘in general’ but I’m sure most women would prefer a personalized experience.  Learning Pussy Massage will give you a chance to experiment, ask questions, and find out what your partner really loves, then do more of that – win-win!  It will also teach you communication and feedback skills so both people can feel at ease throughout the experience and know that it is safe to speak to anything that is on their mind.  This type of thing is what brings true intimacy to a relationship.


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