How to make a woman cum is a very sought-after topic. Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer for every woman out there. Every woman is completely different and you might find that what works on one woman, does not work on the next! So how are you supposed to know what to do? You aren’t. Trying to please a woman will present a new learning curve every time you meet someone new.

Miranda Love has created an online course that may help you, ‘Pussy Massage 101’. If you have never heard of a pussy massage before, it is a very relaxing and gentle way to pleasure a woman. There are many different parts to it. This course breaks down everything you need to know from how to set up space, how to prepare yourself, what to say and how to communicate with your partner, how to find out what feels good for them, plus all of the steps of the actual pussy massage.

Once you have learned the steps of the pussy massage and become familiar with them, you will find it much easier to navigate what the woman you are giving to is into.

This is an alternative way to pleasure a woman than the fingering that you are probably used to. This course will teach you about the different types of orgasms that are possible, how to have orgasms in other parts of your body and how to potentially have multiple orgasms or ecstatic experiences.

You will also learn how to communicate with your partner in a way that will make them feel safe, allow them to fully surrender to the experience, and give and receive feedback successfully.


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