Many studies have been done about how to be a good lover. The main response that kept surfacing was ‘presence’. Presence is the key to pleasing your partner. It sounds simple. But many people don’t even really know what that means or how to do it.

Miranda Love has created some online courses to help. Penis and Pussy Massage 101 are now both offered online for $34.95 each or $59.95 for both. These courses are presented in a simple, down to earth way, and will teach you how to give a penis and pussy massage to your partner. They are demonstrated by real people. All the moves are explained and you even get a pdf printout of everything.

These messages are very hard to give without your full presence. So, if you learn how to give these experiences, your ability to be present with your partner will definitely improve. You will learn how to communicate safely with your partner around these topics, how to create a safe environment, how to have no expectations, and very importantly, how to give and receive feedback.

Feedback can be hard to give and receive but it is probably the most important skill to build for pussy and penis massage. You want both the giver and receiver to be able to feel like they are safe to communicate clearly to create a pleasurable and comfortable experience.

If you think your partner would enjoy lying down in exquisite pleasure while you touch them sensually and follow what is alive with no expectations of any kind of outcome, then you may find these courses very valuable.


How to please your lover