Would you like some extra tips and tricks on how to pleasure your man? Things you can do that aren’t an everyday blow job and hand job? Miranda Love is offering a ‘Penis Massage 101’ tutorial where she tangibly breaks down how to give a successful penis massage.
Step 1: Drop all expectations.
Step 2: Be open to experimenting.
Step 3: Know that there is no one correct way to do it.
Step 4: Follow the basic steps until you have an idea of what you are doing and then play with it and create your own flow, personalized for the person you are with.

Imagine if you said to your man, ‘hey baby, how about you lie down and I will slowly stroke your penis while you just relax’. I don’t know any man that would say no to that! Penis massage will help your man to slow down and just revel in the pleasure. This can result in him lasting longer in sex, and also allow him a chance to just switch off and receive instead of having to worry about giving at the same time. As much as we think men have it easy, many of them actually feel very pressured to perform to please women. So, this is a chance to allow them to relax and just enjoy being pleasured.

Miranda will share with you 15 different strokes to get you started in your penis massage journey. She will share with you everything from how to set up for a penis massage, how to talk to your partner about it, how to do it, and the different options that you can use it for. The scope of what you can do with a penis massage is pretty wide. You can use it as a simple new way to give your partner an orgasm, or, you can work more deeply with energy and breath to create longer-lasting or multiple ecstatic experiences.


How to pleasure a man