Many women feel a lot of pressure when it comes to letting their partner know they are doing a good job in the bedroom. This leads to many women faking certain movements, sounds, and even orgasms. Learning Pussy Massage is a way to give your partner the opportunity to just relax and enjoy, with no pressure or expectations.

Miranda Love is now offering ‘Pussy Massage 101’ online! A course that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

“It’s important that both the giver and the receiver have no expectations going into this experience. All women will like different things. And they might even change their mind from day to day, or in the middle of the massage. So, it is important that you become good at reading what is alive in the moment, and following it, even if it is not going the way you expected.”

Imagine being invited to enjoy an experience of simply receiving loving touch. Where there are absolutely no expectations for you to do anything other than just lying there, breathing calmly and receive. Pussy massage creates a safe space for the giver to really get to know how their partner likes to be touched, both on their whole body and their pussy. This massage is not about sex. It is about simply giving your partner a gift of touch, from the heart, and allowing them to simply surrender into the experience with no expectations of reciprocation, of sex, or anything else.

In this course, Miranda will go over everything you need to know for your first pussy massage, from the setup to conversations to be had, and last but not least, the moves!

Learning to be present with your partner is a huge part of this. For people whose love language is quality time, this is huge. It is the gift of presence! When you are able to be present with your partner throughout the pussy massage, you get to know very quickly what they enjoy and what they don’t. You learn how to follow what’s alive. This is a skill that needs practice. Pussy Massage 101 is a great place to start your practice!

Take the pressure off her to perform
Open up the potential for her to have orgasms in different parts of her body or even multiple orgasms/ecstatic experiences.
Allow her to just relax and receive.
Learn how to move energy around her body.

Learn yoni massage for women