Have you ever heard of a lingam massage before? A lingam massage is a beautiful experience involving a penis massage. Did you know that there is more to life than a regular hand job? A penis massage is much slower, more thoughtful, and requires focus and presence. The results? A ride of ecstatic waves of pleasure and relaxation for the receiver. Miranda Love has created a tangible and to-the-point online course about how to give a penis massage. This course is demonstrated on an actual person so you can see the real deal! Miranda will share with you 15 different strokes that you can do on your partner to give them a mind-blowing experience!

This course is great for beginners.
If you are nervous about giving your first penis massage, Miranda Love will make you feel at ease with her casual demeanor and light humor. She makes the information really easy to follow. This should be a pressure-free experience for all! You will receive step by step video lessons and a pdf print out walking you through the different strokes. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of your penis massage journey. After you have mastered these strokes, to begin with, the scope of where you can take this is endless. Often after becoming more comfortable with the idea and the material, many people make up their own strokes depending on what their partner likes and the massage becomes more of an intuitive gift.

Whichever way you do it, know that the aim is to give your partner the most relaxing, sensual, and pleasurable massage possible. Sounds like the perfect gift!


Lingam massage vidoes