Let’s Get Real Love presents a step by step tutorial on how to give a sacred lingam massage. Miranda Love will walk you through all of the different strokes and explain how to create a wonderful experience for your partner. This is a true gift for the receiver. If you want to learn something different and more special than a typical hand job, but actually easier to give, then this is a great starting point.

Orgasm is not necessarily the point of this massage. It can be. But it can also be used to practice some different skills. It will help men to practice lasting longer when they are excited, experience pleasure for longer periods of time, and potentially separate orgasm from ejaculation.

This massage will easily bring on an orgasm, however, the deeper goal of this is to build up energy around his genitals and then spread it around his body for a deeper and more embodied experience. Miranda Love will teach you tips and tricks on how to pace out the experience and spread the energy around for the most satisfying tease of your life! This will be experimental. Different things work for different people so there is a communication component to this and also an intuitive component.

So, if you have ever been curious about other means of pleasure, different types of orgasms, and trying new things with your partner, check out ‘Penis Massage 101’ with Miranda Love.