Would you like to feel comfortable giving your partner a yoni massage? Would you like to be able to surrender to receiving a yoni massage? Is this your first time experiencing a yoni massage? Miranda Love has put a simple, but comprehensive ‘Pussy Massage 101’ course together to help you learn the basics. Miranda is passionate about creating more experiences for people to simply surrender and receive a gentle, loving touch. She created these online courses to show people that there is a different way to give pleasure to your partner. Many of us have had limited training on pleasuring our partners and simply don’t know that there is more out there. Miranda was one of these people until she discovered yoni massage.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply lie down, with a relaxed body, and soft breath, and just let your partner touch you?! That is pretty much what yoni massage is about. But it comes with the potential of a deeper surrendered state, different kinds of orgasms or ecstatic experiences, multiple orgasms, or just simply a different way to experience a pleasure.

Have you ever worked with energy before? ‘Pussy Massage 101’ will help you learn how to sublime energy and give your partner experiences and sensations in their body that they may have never had before. By moving the energy, you are spreading the feeling of pleasure around their entire body. Doesn’t that sound more fun than just experiencing it in one spot! Why limit ourselves?


Training for yoni lingam massage for women