This is the crème de la crème of yoni massage videos. Let’s Get Real Love offers an online course on how to give a yoni massage for beginners. The lessons are performed on a live human so you can actually see what is going on. Miranda Love will take you through each move and guide you on how to give your partner the best yoni massage experience possible. Also included in the course at no extra cost are lessons on authenticity, communication, expressing boundaries, and how to read your partner. One of the aims of this massage is to get to know your partner so well that you no longer need to converse because you will have got to know them so well through practice, that you will no longer need to ask what they need. You will know.

All the moves are broken down and explained. You will also learn how to make your partner feel super safe so that they can surrender to the experience. Comfortable ways of giving and receiving feedback are also shared in this course. If that is something that you and your partner struggle with, these courses will not only help your sex life but also your communication with everyday things.

The ‘Pussy Massage 101’ course is only $34.95. If you buy it bundles with the ‘Penis Massage 101’ course, the cost is $59.95 for both. This is likely to be the best $35 you’ve ever spent. So give your partner the gift of presence and embark on the beautiful journey of pussy massage.


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